The Tulip, the Bougainvillea and the Hydrangea are the leading stars of our first collection. Three flowers each with their own character and light ambience. The white translucent petals simultaneously reflect and embrace the light . The soft white shimmering glow gives a silky look to the organically shaped curves, as if they are made out of fabric. The combination with rustic wood provides an authentic quality, crafted by machine, yet the look and feel of pure nature.

With B-natural we focus on two important pillars of the B-lumen concept: biomimicry and sustainability. 

Intrigued by nature’s organic curves, fraying edges, textured veins and intricate details, we started a quest to mimic those unique qualities with computerised technologies. Creating suspense with light has played a major part in this process. In the end it is light that brings life!

Being kind to the environment and contributing to a healthy planet is key for us at B-lumen. We use pre-consumer recycled filaments; high quality materials with a zero waste philosophy. In addition to our choice of materials, we adopt a ‘produce local and on demand’ strategy to limit our footprint. With the chosen biodegradable materials from natural renewable resources we set the tone for all future B-lumen collections.