Light influences us on so many different levels. Good quality lighting lets us do our work properly; it makes us happy; and it also contributes to our health and general well-being. Our extensive experience as lighting designers and years’ of working with industry standards for light quality, enable us to provide good quality lighting with every lamp and lighting feature that we design.


Nature’s design is 3.8 billion years ahead of us. All her diverse, innovative and sustainable creations are for us to gaze at, to admire, but most importantly to learn from. Next to a biomimicry design approach, we choose materials that are kind to the environment and embrace bio-circularity.  We work with recycled filaments from factory waste streams, compostable filaments and filaments made from plant-based renewable sources. We let nature ‘B’.


We are makers, as well as designers and we try to spend as much time as possible in our atelier or outside in nature. We believe with craftsmanship all the senses are connected: We think with our hands; we feel with our eyes; we see with our minds. Craftsmanship demands time and dedication and we allow for it.


The way nature is forever able to reinvent itself is a great inspiration for us at B-lumen. We aim to build a brand that continues to innovate its design approach and never stops being truly unique.